Help with CAO Applications

Help with CAO Applications

Help with CAO Applications is sought before the 1st  of February each year as it is a key deadline for many Leaving Certificate students as they start the process of choosing their 10) Level 8 and 10) Level 6/7 Third Level Courses in their final year of Secondary Education. From September – January, it is that time of year again when students start or should be starting to think about completing your CAO (Central Applications Office) Form. Completing the 10) Level 8’s and the 10’) Level 6/7’s columns can be a daunting task for you and many of your student colleagues, parents and / or guardians, though it need not be. iCareer can help you with the CAO application process.

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Whether you decide to do it yourself, with family, with your Career Guidance Teacher or a professional Career Guidance Counsellor, you first need to decide what is my ideal, realistic career that will ‘get me a job’ in three, four or five years’ time; then and only then, should you choose your Third Level course. Many students choose the Third Level course first, without really knowing what the course will deliver for them ‘job-wise’ when it is complete. iCareer help you choose your ideal, realistic job / career first and then should the job / career require a qualification, then we help you with the CAO application.

Properly researching careers matched to your natural skills, talents, competencies and interests will give you more confidence in choosing the ideal CAO course. With the career title, area or field chosen search that best suits your natural talents, skills and interests, you can view suitable courses on the Qualifax website (www.qualifax.ie) or if you prefer a paper-based search, use the CAO Handbook.

Study the course information i.e. subjects taught, career opportunities, point’s history, immersing yourself in information so as to make an informed and of course the right decision. With your main course chosen, then source nine more Level 8’s and / or nine more level 6/7’s; do try to choose 10 of each. You may ask why 10? The CAO have given you 10 so as to give you as much choice as possible in case your expected points target for a particular course are not achieved. When the month of August arrives, Post-Leaving Certificate, you will receive one Level 8 offer and one Level 6/7 offer.

Finally, choose a course that is of interest to you, a course that will motivate, challenge you and interest you.

iCareer help you identify your ideal and realistic career direction, help you choose the most suitable Third Level Course to pursue and help you with the CAO Application process.

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