How do I choose my ideal, realistic career and a suitable Third Level Course?

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People today can change their career up to seven times during their lifetime. Therefore, career guidance is more important than ever in helping people to initially choose a foundational qualification/Degree/Masters/Doctorate as they further develop their skills, talents and competencies.

When does/should career advice first start? It should start at around the age of 16 when students have completed or are about to complete three years in Post-Primary Education or their Junior Certificate.

At this stage of the young person’s life, the right advice from a professional should be provided, even if the student knows and is sure about what form of career, further education or apprenticeship they wish to pursue.

If the student knows their future ‘income-generating occupation’, propper and correct support and advice  can help them ensure that what they have chosen is the right choice, is indeed realistic and will use their natural talents, skills and competencies.

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Our career guidance helps students think about or consider other occupations that they may not have even thought about and could be/maybe a better option. If the student does not know their future ‘income-generating occupation’, then career guidance comes into its element, where the whole career guidance process and experience for the student is at its most effective, where their natural talents, skills and competencies are put on the table and a suitable career, course and/or apprenticeship are explored, discussed, matched and agreed upon.

This whole and complete Career Guidance process and journey of self-discovery, where a realistic job/career is identified, can have a duration of a number of weeks, as students are making key lifetime and foundational decisions. Once students have chosen their initial career choice through Professional Career Guidance, future and further Career advice and help can be sought and availed of as they experience the world of work and possibly change career throughout their lifetime, maybe up to seven times!

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iCareer are career guidance counsellors providing you with a personal, confidential academic and career guidance service to help you focus on your career directions and objectives. We give career advice and guidance counselling to young people in their education and career choices. We help with Central Administration Office (CAO) Application Form completion, Third Level Course choices and realistic & achievable Job / Career paths. Our tailored approach to the needs of the young people and their parents/guardians we work with deliver on their specific challenges, requirements and budget.

We also support individuals from all walks of life who need help in choosing a career and building a career portfolio. Our career counsellors provide you with personal, confidential and tailored support through our On-Line consultation service.

‘…Hi Ger, I was with you last summer for some career guidance with my college course. I have completed first year business and I am loving the course. Thanks again for all your help. I just wanted to give you a quick update…’

‘…I finally got accepted into a Physiotherapy Course in Edinburgh Napier University, starting in January next year. Just wanted to thank you for your help throughout the whole thing, as I don’t think it would have been possible without you…’

‘…Ger, just to let you know that Neil got his Mechanical & Polymer Engineering Course in Athlone IT…’

Why should you choose iCareer to help you identify and realise your ideal Job / Career / Third Level Course…?

That’s a great question, and one you should definitely ask before deciding. Rather than me telling you all the reasons why I think I’m a good fit for you, listen to the people who we have already helped, just like in our Testimonials page, who have worked with me and their experiences working with iCareer and if this is the kind of reaction you want after you have met us, contact me through any of these methods | Telephone: 091 388 000

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