When it comes to choosing careers for our children, we as parents / guardians struggle and worry on how we should help them make the right decisions. Do we intervene and guide them or even tell them what career they should pursue; do we leave it to themselves to decide; do we put our trust in the school’s Career Guidance Teacher/s or do we seek the help of a private Career Guidance Professional? So many questions, so many answers, but at the end of the day it is our child who is preparing to go out into a world that can be merciless, can be impatient and that takes no prisoners; and we need to be involved.

Our schools have excellent Career Guidance Teachers, but with the recent government decision to cut career guidance services in our secondary schools, career guidance has been left to the student and their parent /guardian to manage. Looking in from the outside, there seems to be no logic to this decision. Why do our children get educated, why to they spend almost 13 years of their life in Primary and Secondary education? To get a job! This job that they plan to do aims to use their natural talents, skills and competencies and help them make a living to live a life they desire and of course be our countries next generation. How do they choose this job, this career, this vocation in life so that they can choose the right Third Level course to make it a reality? They need Career Guidance Professional’s either from their school or privately.

So, why should parents seek the help of these so-called Career Guidance Professionals?

  1. They are professional. They have been trained and educated in career guidance
  2. They have many years of experience in working with young people and their parents / guardians, helping them choose the correct Leaving Certificate subjects, the right Third Level course and then the most ideal, realistic, sustainable job / career
  3. They have teenage children themselves and have hands-on personal experience of what young people go through in planning their academic and employment future. They have lived with it for many years and know what to do, when to do it and how to do it
  4. They have kept up-to-date in their area of expertise through further education, upskilling, training, learning and development that is all relevant to the delivery of a professional service to parents and their children
  5. They have actually worked in industry and business for a number of years experiencing the world of work, the pressures of working for small, medium and large organisations including demotion and promotion
  6. They have went through second level and third level education and experienced at first hand the pressures of study, examinations and choice
  7. They have worked with people from many different industry types both public and private sector and have knowledge and experiences of how to deal with and manage challenging career dilemmas for young people
  8. They have developed a strong contact / network list to share with parents / young people to help them achieve the goal of choosing the right education for the right job
  9. They know the best Third Level academic / educational institutions and can guide parents so as to meet the needs of their teenager and their budget
  10. Finally, they know where the best jobs are, what career areas have the sustainable jobs, what / who is hiring, what / who is not? They know where the jobs will be in the future i.e. the next 4-5 years.

Whether it be the School’s Career Guidance Teacher or a private Career Guidance Professional, do choose a Professional…your child has only one chance at life..make the right decision for and with them…