10 things that students should be thankful for, I hear people say with astonishment, especially young people! There are many things students should be thankful for and I’m going to outline them here with a focus on career and academia. One might say that it would be easier to outline things that students are ‘unthankful’ for or are not happy with, but when one thinks about it, students in Ireland today have a lot going for them; with more and more positives and opportunities coming around the corner.Below are the 10 things that students should be thankful for and a reason why they should be thankful for it:

  1. School / college facilities – we have without question some of the best education facilities in the world, when it comes to suitable learning and studying environments and activities both inside and outside the school
  2. Quality of books / information available – book quality, design, detail of our educational books are truly fantastic with most written by Irish people, not to mention the vast amount of information that is available from The Internet
  3. Standard of Teachers / Lecturers – I know we immediately think of the Teachers / Lecturers that we have personally experienced or our children / teenagers are experiencing now, but the majority of our Teachers / Lecturers are great and can share knowledge that students can easily understand
  4. A school uniform – imagine having to wear your own clothes to school, like you do / are doing in Third Level for 10-12 years. At least you have / had 5-6 years of not worrying about what to wear during second level, what a load of stress of your mind, especially for the females (and cost saving too)
  5. Choice of subjects / courses – with so many choices of subjects for the Leaving Certificate and then so much more choice in Third Level with respect to courses you can study, students can identify and pursue their niche job / career woth some form of ease
  6. Choice of third level education colleges – In Ireland, UK and across Europe there is so much choice of places to study in so as to source the best college that has best  the reputation to deliver on your expectations and realise your ideal job and career
  7. Support of parents / guardians – Every parent wants to see and witness their son / daughter do well, succeed and get what they want from their years and years of time, investment and hard work… appreciate and cherish this
  8. The weather – Irish weather is generally conjusive to learning and study, our climate, temperature, weather patterns, variety, short days, long evenings and indeed long days and short evenings all make it helpful between the months of September and June
  9. Transport system – getting too and from school / college / home between public and private options, not to mention ‘your own transport’ and the generally improved quality of our transport network system, makes it easy for students and parents to travel
  10. Holidays – the breaks from actual learning during the months of October, December, January, March, April and June – September make the whole learning and studying ‘job’ a very nice way to to enjoy life and prepare yourself for the future

Be thankful for the things that you have, appreciate and use them to bring out the best in you, because someday the best will be required.