10 things that students should be thankful for, I hear people say with astonishment, especially young people! There are many things students should be thankful for and I’m going to outline them here with a focus on career and academia. One might say that it would be easier to outline things that students are ‘unthankful’ for or are not happy with, but when one thinks about it, students in Ireland today have a lot going for them; with more and more positives and opportunities coming around the corner. Read more

For many young people choosing their ideal, realistic (and indeed sustainable) career, can be a daunting exercise, challenge and worry. What do they do with their second level education? Do they pursue Third Level, do they repeat or do they start seeking employment immediately? So many questions, not much answers and not much solid, helpful advise available either. The ‘criticality’ of making the right decision will have implications long into their future both in time and financially. Before they choose Leaving Certificate subjects, before they choose a further education course, they must first choose a career. So many do it the opposite way around. Read more

Every business has its tools of the trade. Whether a carpenter, plumber, electrician be, you have tools that help you get the job done efficiently and effectively without having to go back over it a second time or do it again because it wasn’t done properly and correctly the first time. These tools have been carefully analysed, evaluated and chosen by you, the expert in your field, so as to deliver the right solution at the right time that pleases your customers / clients. They are so pleased that they would use you again or indeed recommend you to family, friends and colleagues. Read more

They hear it from their parents, guardians, teachers, lecturers – focus, focus, focus…! I am of course referring to students and what people who care about them say at a time of challenge i.e. examinations, assessments, interview, presentation. So what should students focus on in this time of year when they are preparing for examinations and / or preparing to transition into a new year or indeed a new educational institution? Read more