I would like to introduce you to Career Directions, a new website developed by FÁS, our Training & Employment Authority. This website has been around for a time, but recently has been revamped and upgraded to include up-to-date tools and techniques to help people identify their ideal career, most suitable education path to get there and how to secure the job. It has a world of information on every job / career title you could think of and is easy to navigate and has all the information and help you need if you choose to develop, plan and manage your job / career On-Line.

The website contains 14 main pages with the most interesting being:

  • A-Z career list
  • Careers suggestion list
  • Study and training plans
  • Health
  • Occupation level

The initial most impressive to me was the A-Z career list which actually lists every job / career title you could think all listed under each letter. There are 100’s of jobs there. Within each job list there is the following information (I chose an Accountant to illustrate what’s available):


Accountants deal with the financial affairs of private or public sector organisations. They check financial records, assess the financial implications of business decisions, and audit company accounts to make sure that they show an accurate picture of a company’s activities and finances.

Adult Opportunities

There is no formal upper age limit for entry to this profession. There are various routes for mature applicants to qualify through.

Mature entrants, normally defined as people aged 23 years or over, can find that educational institutions will relax normal academic entrance requirements for higher education courses especially if their previous work experience is relevant and if they show a genuine aptitude for this type of work.

Further Information

Contact your local FÁS office for Career Guidance, planning and support that will help you make informed decisions about the best career direction for you

Further Reading


  • AGCAS: Accountancy and Business Services CSU
  • Careers in Accountancy F Taylor Kogan Page Ltd
  • GTI: City and Finance Careers GTI Specialist Publishers Ltd
  • Guide to Careers in Finance Hobsons Publishing plc
  • Graduate Careers in Accountancy, Business and Finance Chris Oldroyd New Opportunity

Jobs Ireland

FÁS Courses

Labour Market Information

Qualifax: Ireland’s National Learners’ Database





The part of the economy that is not under direct control of the state. Most companies and businesses are part of the private sector.


Public sector

Services or parts of the economy that are run by the state rather than private companies. For example, the National Health Service is part of the public sector.

As you have read and can see, this is a fantastic website detailing every piece of information that you would need on any job / career and much, much more…go check it out on www.careerdirections.ie