CV’s for School Teachers, they be Primary or Secondary School Teachers are a significant challenge for graduates who have just completed their education qualifications. There seems to be very little guidance and support in their education curriculum on how to prepare for the world of work, once they have their course completed. With very little opportunity right now in Ireland for full-time teaching posts, especially in Primary School Teaching, CV’s need to be very competitive and stand out from the crowd when applying for teaching posts. Indeed when they are used to apply for temporary posts for substitution in whatever form, they need to be different. Read more

Horses for courses, different tracks, different surfaces, different distances…certain things for certain purposes…certain people for certain things! We have just witnessed another year at the now infamous Galway Races here in Ireland. A place where thousands of people converge and congregate on the last of July ever year to celebrate The Harvest i.e. the work done for the household for the coming autumn / winter seasons…turf home, hay saved, food ready for eating. It is a time of celebration, as many of these race-goers have a ‘course’ that they enjoy being on, a course that they have made the most of, a course that brings out the best in them, a course that makes them a living. A course that has allowed them celebrate and be happy at this time of year. What is your course? Read more

Despite the global economic challenges and high unemployment, many young people have secured part-time / full-time summer jobs for the months of June, July & August. Most of them are doing something to generate some form of income to supplement their summer spend and / or their next college term. Most of these jobs have been secured through many sources and many ways long before now and some will be secured after the school / college term finishes or indeed after the major state examinations. So, if you are one of those people who have not yet secured a summer time job yet, how can you go about it efficiently and effectively? Read more

Like in any trade or business, there are tools of the trade, tools of the industry. Your career is no different. You must have / should have tools that equip you to get the job done, please your listeners or viewers, whether they be tangible or intangible tools. Some of the tools will be large, some will be small, but all will have there own intended purpose to get done what you want done in an as efficient and effective time as possible. Let me share with you what I feel to be the most important intangible career tools. Read more