A lot of students do not know what they want to do after completing their Secondary School education. For these people, they will follow their friends to a Third Level college, choose an ordinary Degree on a ‘common’ course and then look for ‘any’ job. For other people in employment working as a an employee or in  their own-business, they may feel they are in the wrong career or they wish to change career, try something else. They just do not like what they do or they would like a change…all of these people need a Career Guidance Professional! Read more

For all students over the age of 16, paid employment is a legal option for them. Whether they wish to work at w/e’s, during the week or indeed for the summer months of May, June, July, August and September they have to treat looking for a part-time job like a full-time job. How to get a part-time job in this current climate will be challenging as you might well expect. For a lot of  students, a part-time job is for the summer months i.e. when the formal educational curriculum finishes…but you need to be looking for that part-time job right now. Read more