Most of us spend minimum 10 years and up to 20 years in school, whether it be in primary, secondary and / or third level education striving to achieve an education and a qualification that will secure us a job / career that we will like and that will pay us a salary to meet our desired future lifestyle.

As we begin our education, we have no idea why we are doing it, where it will lead us to, where it will take us to and what will be the outcome / reward at the end in the areas of a job / career. As we progress, we realise that the reward is to get a job, build a career, become self-sufficient and pay our way.

Some people begin to pay their way when their third level education is completed, while others start working as soon as they are legally able to i.e. @ 16 years young, whether it be in their parents / guardians family business or through someone they know.

Work experience during your academic years can be such a rewarding experience. Never mind the ‘paying your way’ mentality, which is really only a by-product; the true benefit is the opportunity for you to grow, meet all types of people, do all kinds of work tasks and get an idea of what you’re good at, what your skills / competencies are and decide on a job / career future before your academic years are complete.

In the years that you have no major examinations, force yourself to search for and secure a job at w/e’s, during mid-term breaks and of course in summertime; a job that you like, that will challenge you and that you will learn from.

Some of these jobs might not deliver all of these; however you are at the very least making some money, meeting new people and not wasting all of your precious time watching other people doing well in their lives…

Spend time with young people! We and indeed young people are so caught up with life’s distractions that sitting down and having one to one conversations with each other is almost a thing of the past. Social media tools (too many to mention!) have taken over the way we communicate and converse with each other, leaving the heart to heart, face on face, me and you moments a thing of the past. Yes, we do speak to each other, but it’s always in short spurts, rarely focused and sincere, with a mobile telephone beside us or in our hand, ready to sound ‘lonely’ and take our attention away from ‘that conversation’ and making the person we are speaking to, second best and least important. Read more

The British Open, better known as The Open is without doubt the hardest test in golf for any professional. It takes place around the second / third week in July. Each year a different course in chosen in the UK to best represent all that is good in golf and that will test the players to the ultimate in perfection and discipline. It demands their utmost attention, focus and concentration as the course chosen is usually a links course (a course that is situated very close to or on a coast line, open to the elements wind, rain, sunshine). What has professional golf got to do with careers, education and young people? Read more

Many of us have role models in our life. People we look up to, people who inspire us, people who motivate us. For whatever reason, they have done or are doing things in their life that we admire and wish that we could do. Or they have said or are saying things that effect us in a positive way or have had made a significant change in our lives. From celebrities, actors, actresses to world leaders, to people who live close to us in our country or community, they can leave a profound message for us in what they do and / or say. Who are your role models as you continue in your education and employment? Who can you learn from? Read more