What do I love about working with young people? Well, there are so many things to write about here; young people are for our future, it is critical that we help them in any way we can whether it be professionally, formally or informally. These are the people who are going to take over the running of our country, keep  business’s in business and take care of the environment. So, let me put my ‘loves’ into categories so that it makes it easier for you the reader to understand where I am coming from.  Read more

The most common worries that student’s have? Where do I start, they have so many? And compared to many years ago, some would they have so much more. Why is this, what has changed so much to load all these worries on students? Parents often ask how they got through life to date, how did they get through education, study, finding a job. Had they the worries that their children have now? Probably, but there certainly wasn’t as much choice, distraction and competition! In my opinion, these are the seeds of worry. Read more

10 things that students should be thankful for, I hear people say with astonishment, especially young people! There are many things students should be thankful for and I’m going to outline them here with a focus on career and academia. One might say that it would be easier to outline things that students are ‘unthankful’ for or are not happy with, but when one thinks about it, students in Ireland today have a lot going for them; with more and more positives and opportunities coming around the corner. Read more