Many parents and guardians of teenagers sitting their Leaving Certificate in June this year will be delighted to see the end of this major event in all of their lives. Yes, they will look back on it and reminisce on it and ask how they got through it and how great it was. But, during it’s actual execution, it can be very stressful indeed. They pay the teachers of their young people to educate and prepare them for the exam and third level education and employment. The difficult thing about this is, that as well as being a mentor or coach to their loved ones outside of the classroom, for most they have to ‘fork out’ more finances in the form of grinds, because some schools and teachers are simply not good enough to cater for every educational need of their students. Read more

You have submitted your CAO Application and are now facing into The Mocks examinations – a pre-Leaving Certificate rehearsal that you may not enjoy, but should make the most of.  Many people tell students, their teenage sons and daughters not to worry about the Mocks; it is not that important, it is not the real thing, don’t get too uptight about it. I tell them to do almost do the opposite. Do it for yourself, nobody else. This is your time to practice how you are going to prepare and complete the Leaving Certificate in four months time. Do the Mocks with these attitudes:  Read more

It is this time of year again when parents and teenagers have to pay for and complete the CAO Application Form through the Central Applications Office. They are bombarded with information from TV, Radio, Teachers, friends and articles in newspapers as to what to do and what not to do. Everyone has their own opinion, advice’s and guidance. Some of it good, some of it confusing, but overall it is good information to hear and / or read. If you haven’t completed your CAO yet and are still unsure of how to complete and what to choose, below are some thoughts to help you do it and move on to focus on the most important five months of your life to date. Read more

It takes hard work, no matter what you do in life to be successful. The day is long gone getting things handed to us on a plate. With so much competition out there whatever our area of expertise, we have to work hard consistently, effectively with efficiency and discipline. Whether you are preparing for Junior Certificate, Leaving Certificate, Third Level examinations, it takes hard work to ‘learn the stuff’, so that you are almost looking forward to them. How do you develop an attitude of hard work? Many of us just have it, others have some of it, while others don’t have it all. Read more