You are in your first few months or are heading towards the end of your first year in college and it has been building, building, building to a point that you have now come to, where you are asking the question, ‘Have I chosen the right course?’ Since starting it last September, you have got through it, attended the lectures, passed the exams / assessments, but…! You don’t love the course, you might not even like the course, you’re not inspired to excel, you don’t know why you’re doing it and you don’t know where it will lead to when you complete it, if you complete it!

The above situation is not a nice place to be in when you consider what you have done to get here, the time involved, the costs involved and now the consequences of deciding to leave the course. So, you are here, it is how you feel and it is time to sit down with some people and take action and make some decisions.

  1. Consider finishing the first year of the course
  2. Review your previous career planning / guidance notes, results and advices
  3. Seek some form of formal or professional help (again if necessary)

There really isn’t much more you can do. Of the three above, the most important is Point 3. You have to first and foremost identify what industry, discipline or field you want to work in. Then and only then do you choose the course or training need to make this career a reality i.e. when prospective employers see it on your CV, they will be impressed and will want to meet with you.

Students who feel they are in the wrong course, will not excel and achieve the best grades they can, because the interest, motivation and love for it is simply not there…