We are now in peak summertime season (May / June / July / August), school is out for summer, examinations are over and no more homework for at least a month or two. What are you going to do now? How will you transition from education into a life of employment, leisure, pleasure, travel and / or simply doing nothing? What ever you decide to do, don’t do nothing. Your summer will fly by like summers before. Be able to look back in September at the summer just gone and say what you have done that has been worthwhile, beneficial and made a difference in your life at the time, or now or in the future.

One can do many things during a summer including:

  • Work for money
  • Work for free
  • Travel
  • Do further study
  • Sleep
  • Stroll
  • Play your favourite sport
  • Read books
  • Go on a long holiday that lasts the whole summer duration…

Whatever you do, make it memorable and enjoyable.

Besides the obvious things of working, travelling, holidaying, think about doing these five things this summer:

  1. Pick up a new sport – pick up a new sporting activity, research it. A sport / activity that you longed to get involved in, but never had the time to (you procrastinated). Buy the best gear for it and get really good at it. Join a club, meet new friends through it. Just get up and do it this summer.
  2. Do some active voluntary / charity work – get involved in a charity event / initiative. Who / what charity is familiar to you? Have you or your family any links to a charity or someone you know (a family member, relation, friend) who depends on a charity to keep them alive, in good health, hopeful? Make a difference this summer.
  3. Run 10K – With so many people running, use this summer to plan, prepare and make it happen – you will run a 10K road race. You will find out when there is a race on  in the coming months, sign up to compete in it and then work towards the day. It is about competing and completing it, regardless of the time it takes you. The feeling after you have done it; well, there is nothing like it.
  4. Travel to your favourite city or to a city that you have never been in, that intrigues you – get On-Line, research it, go on your own, book the ticket for a 3 day trip. Take time out and plan what you are going to do, see. Maybe go to a major sporting event. Travelling alone might seem daunting, but do it once and you will do it more often…you never know what could happen / who you will meet this summer.
  5. Visit old friends / relations – we all say we must / will do it and we never do it. Time, distractions and other things become more important and demand our attention. But if our friend or relation is ill or has died, we do find the time. Build up the courage, take the time, commit to catching up with old friends and relations this summer…you will feel the better for it.

Have a great summer…