A lot of students do not know what they want to do after completing their Secondary School education. For these people, they will follow their friends to a Third Level college, choose an ordinary Degree on a ‘common’ course and then look for ‘any’ job. For other people in employment working as a an employee or in  their own-business, they may feel they are in the wrong career or they wish to change career, try something else. They just do not like what they do or they would like a change…all of these people need a Career Guidance Professional!

So, how do they go about choosing a Career Guidance Professional? Somebody who will help them choose their ideal career, tell them what they were born on this earth to do and make their way of generating an income so as to live the life they want to live. There are many professionals out there, but choosing the right one can be a challenge. Some of these challenges would include:

  • Are they qualified
  • How long are they qualified
  • How long are they using this qualification
  • What is there area of Career Guidance specialism
  • Where do they work from
  • How do they work
  • How long does it take
  • What does it cost?

Some students and people would not realize that there are Career Guidance Professionals available to help them; while others would realize that they are there, but would not have the courage to contact them, because they feel inadequate for not knowing themselves what to do with their life in the world of work; and others might feel that no one can help them with their situation.

In order to make a decision whether to choose a Career Guidance Professional or not, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What stage in life am I now i.e. in Secondary School, Third Level Education, working or starting / completing any of the above
  2. What qualifications am I about to pursue or have achieved and for how long
  3. Am I using or do I want to use this qualification in a job / career
  4. Do I even have a qualification and if not, do I want to have one
  5. Would I like to further progress on my current qualification or pursue a brand new one
  6. When was the last time I invested in further training, learning and development?
  7. Do I know where I want to be in three and five years time
  8. Do I know whether I am in my ideal career or not
  9. If I am not, what do I want to be
  10. And if I don’t know what I want to be, how do I find out?

Seek the help of a Career Guidance Professional.

When choosing a Career Guidance Professional make sure that they:

  • Are qualified
  • Have worked in your area of interest before or have helped people like you before
  • Are many years working as a Career Guidance Professional
  • Are trained in the use of Psychometric assessments and tools
  • Operate a professional business-like office
  • Have excellent references and proven track record
  • Are confidential and trust-worthy
  • Have a professional website
  • Will be all  about you and continue to help you until you have identified your ideal career and know how to make it a reality

Do seek professional help, you are worth this investment in yourself and don’t get left behind…