We have all heard the expression ‘My first impression was…’ or, ‘You cannot make a first impression a second time…’!  When it comes to presenting yourself on paper, selling yourself at an interview, selling your products and services, people are buying you first.  Do they trust you, do they like you and are you dependable?  All these traits are made by the person listening to / watching you within 30 seconds.

Making a Good First Impression on Paper:

When developing and writing a CV / Résumé it is critical that the reader can see and read everything about you in the first half page of the document, so as to an informed decision about you.  The first three headings Personal Details, Career Objective and Summary should contain words and statements from the job description and company website matching them to what you have and to what they want.

Making a Good First Impression at the Interview:

You have been called for interview and the first thing you should be is authentic, with a professional attitude and appearance mixed in.  We all know the importance of a firm, sincere handshake, but just as important is your smile and posture.  When walking, walk straight, walk tall with a smile on your face; people will notice it and like you for it.  When sitting down, demonstrate your height and presence with all angles in the ‘sitting-down’ position at right angles.

Your Speaking Voice:

The role of the interviewer is to promote free-flowing conversation i.e. to get you talking.  Don’t forget to breath is good advice here.  A lot of people do not breath correctly when speaking.  Watch / listen to the newsreaders and see / hear how they control their breathing.  Speaking with a deep tone, saying every letter in every word, pausing after key words / statements and ‘adding the music’ to your voice all help towards an ‘easy-to-listen-to’ voice.