So far it has been a fantastic, memorable summer with respect to the weather. Most of us have basked in the weather since 1st July and do not want it to end, though it has been hard to sleep at night. In this weather where our energy is sapped out of us, it can be very difficult to get up in the morning, keep going all day and then to go to bed early that night. The heat can be a significant demotivator with respect to work and study, so how do you stay motivated…?

  • Appreciate
  • Plan
  • Enjoy
  • Reflect
  • Look forward


Appreciate what you have done since this time last year, indeed since last January. Appreciate that you are still here, enjoying the sunshine. Appreciate that you can work if you wish to work, study if you wish to study (though some people have no choice, because of repeats!). Appreciate that you are in control and that you have to do what you have to do to succeed and to stay on top.


Plan your summer vacation. For each month, each week and each day have things to do that will build on and improve you as a person, in your work and in your education. Many people take up an activity and try to become the best they can be at it. Many people travel to other countries for employment, education and personal reasons. Whatever you do, plan your summer, make each day worthwhile and don’t waste a day.


Whatever you do this summer, enjoy it. If it is just lazing around, that is perfectly fine too, you are in control. Enjoy the weather, enjoy meeting people, and enjoy doing things and making memories this summer. Meet up with friends and relations. As you enjoy your summer, there is also so much to learn.


As you get to the end of your wonderful, eventful and memorable summer, reflect on what you have done, what you have achieved and what you could have done differently. Did you do everything that you said you would? Did you stick to the plan that you made at the start of the summer and did you really enjoy it?

Look forward:

And finally, we hope that you are already looking forward to next summer and how you will plan it and what you will do differently or what you will do that you wanted to do this summer, but couldn’t. It is good to look forward to things, but be careful what you wish for.

Look forward to things that will improve you as a person in your education and in your work.

Even during a summer vacation period, we can do small things that helps us in our work and our education.

Summer, between the months of June and August is a fantastic time of year. It is where we should almost go into hibernation and rest after our hard efforts in work and education so as to rejuvenate for the next four months. But don’t forget that it is also a time where we should keep the ‘fire lighting’ and don’t lose what we have being doing since the start of the year and to complete it and complete it well before year end…