In Ireland and I guess in most countries, who you know can have a significant influence in achieving your career, academic and personal goals and let no one tell you differently. Yes, many, many people achieve success through their own hard work, dedication and effort, but it does help when you have an inside line, some more information on somebody or something or they know somebody or something all leading to you succeeding or at least helping you get there!

We all know the term or word ‘Networking’! You will agree we do not do it enough. We do not make the effort to meet people who have like-minded interests, who work in our area of expertise, who have achieved in what we want to achieve in.

When it comes to securing a job, people that you know need to know your situation:

  • What job you want
  • Who you would like to work for
  • Where you would like to work
  • Your qualifications
  • Your work experiences

The whole point is that you don’t know who the people you know know without meeting them and sharing your situation and needs.

This meeting needless to say should be a formal meeting (in person), almost like a semi-interview pre-arranged by telephone or e-mail. You will arrive with copies of your CV and clarity on exactly what you want. You will never ask them for a job. If they have one and they feel that there could be a fit, they will say it to you. As they speak to you, write everything down professionally. Remember you don’t know who they know or indeed what they need in their business. Network with at least one person per week and watch the transformation in you and the realisation of your wants, need and likes. People you know need to know you…