For many of you second level (over 16’s) and third level students, you are probably working either locally, nationally or internationally and hopefully making some money to fund your summer with some change for the next academic year. I guess many of the jobs that you are in are not what we say ‘your dream job’ and you can’t wait for the summer to be over, while others are enjoying the experience and getting a lot out of it. The latter is what I’d like to focus on in these short few words.

Do see the job as more than a summer job…you:

  • Are working with business owners, managers, supervisors, work colleagues who are sharing their knowledge and experiences with you
  • Are learning new things i.e. life-long learning known and unknown to yourself that will stand to you some time in the future; today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and years from now
  • Don’t know who the people you are working with know in their network and how some day in the future you might need them to help you progress or indeed get a job
  • Need to learn all you can, no matter how boring, do more than expected and you will be rewarded for it
  • Should appreciate that you have a job and are able to perform in it
  • Need to accept that the customer / client is king and whatever they say is right
  • Should enjoy it, as future, more permanent jobs may not be as easy, less-responsible and less-accountable as this

Look beyond into the future, this summer job could be one that gets you that all important college place, that gets you that all important interview, that gets you that all important job offer…enjoy the rest of your summer, whatever you are doing…