Every business has its tools of the trade. Whether a carpenter, plumber, electrician be, you have tools that help you get the job done efficiently and effectively without having to go back over it a second time or do it again because it wasn’t done properly and correctly the first time. These tools have been carefully analysed, evaluated and chosen by you, the expert in your field, so as to deliver the right solution at the right time that pleases your customers / clients. They are so pleased that they would use you again or indeed recommend you to family, friends and colleagues.

Here in iCareer, we have five main tools of the trade / approaches that help you choose the most ideal, suitable, realistic, sustainable and attainable career that will motivate you, inspire you and generate an income that suits and meets your desired lifestyle. Once we together as a team do this, it is then up to you to turn this vision into a reality i.e. like the tradesman, we have used our tools to solve the problem and it is now up to you to enjoy the solution and prevent the problem from coming back. Should it have been the incorrect solution or you are not sure that your problem has been fixed properly, we are always on call.

Out five main tools are:

  1. Analysis of Where You Have Been / Where You Are You Now / Where You Want To Be
  2. People / Hands / Mind Analysis
  3. Career Identification
  4. Third Level / Further Education / Upskilling Course Identification
  5. Leaving Certificate Subjects Identification

1. Analysis of Where You Have Been / Where You Are You Now / Where You Want To Be

Before we do any assessments and tests with you, we have to hear what you are all about, what you are thinking and do you have any career aspirations yourself. We do this through the reliable one to one ‘you and me’ conversation. This is a simple but important tool of our trade and continues throughout our time together.

2. People / Hands / Mind Analysis

We need to ascertain are you a people, hands or mind person i.e. do you prefer to work with people, do you prefer to work with your hands or are you more a thinker / analyzer / inventor. There maybe a combination of two or all three, but one of them is always dominant. One of these will help you invest in the correct tools of your trade.

3. Career Identification

We use two critical tools of the trade here, that are foundational to our end solution. These are Psychometric Assessment / Tests that take a few hours to complete, from which thorough and detailed Reports are generated and are frightfully accurate, telling us all about you and your top five vocations in life, put in order of interest.

4. Third Level / Further Education / Upskilling Course Identification

Once your career is identified, our next tool of the trade is to put a plan in place on how to get there. This usually entails further education of some form, whether it be Third Level, PLC (Post-Leaving Certificate courses) or short Upskilling courses. We work with you to identify the best course at the best educational institution that meets your preferred area of location.

5. Leaving Certificate Subjects Identification

Should you be in Second Level Education and completing your Leaving Certificate, our final tool of our trade helps you identify the correct subjects from your choice of subjects for the Leaving Certificate. These important subject choices chosen carefully with you, help you to enjoy your final years in secondary school and achieve the required entry level CAO (Central Applications Office) points for Third Level.

These are our tools of the trade used and delivered with / for you so as to give you your own tools of the trade so that you can help people who need solutions to their problems in your area of expertise.