For those Leaving Certificate’rs out there, well done, it is over and ‘hats off to you’. I hope that your past 5-6 years’ work, slog and sweat has paid off and that you left the examination room each day feeling good saying ‘that was the best I could do’. Most of you are now going on / are on holidays, are on working visa’s or simply taking time out, reflecting on the past 2-3 weeks and hoping that you have done enough to get what you want in your future ideal job / career / profession.

As you all know, there are many ways and means to get to your final destination, some direct and some indirect. Whether you have to go a route that wasn’t what you had planned, know this route and all the options open to you. It may take some extra time (at most a year), but when the destination is clear in your mind and it is a place that you want to go to no matter what, it will happen for you. Like anybody who wants to realise something in life, especially in sport, they will stop at nothing until they achieve it. And most importantly, these people enjoy the journey towards the destination more that the destination itself, making the destination more possible. You just have to want it badly enough and work hard.

So as you wait for mid-August to arrive, look forward to it with positivity, enthusiasm and with a sense of reward. You hope that the calculator adds up the grades / points to the magic figure that you so desire and so do I. If for whatever reason it doesn’t, there are so many options open to you.

But for now, it is all over…!